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Prefix class name with js to manipulate with javascript

Topics: DOM, HTML

Have you ever seen a class name starting with js-?

If the answer is not, then you can visit the GitHub repository and see the source of generated HTML. There are bunch of elements whose class are prefixed with js- such as:

<meta class="js-ga-set" name="userId" content="...">
<meta class="js-ga-set" name="dimension1" content="...">

They are often used to manage the list of elements that we don't want to set id for (dynamic elements, for example). In these cases, we use the document.querySelectorAll('js-xxx') method to retrieve the elements list.

In the other words, the js- classes don't define the styles, but for managing the elements in JavaScript instead. That's why they are prefixed with js-.

Follow this naming convention is helpful if you're working in a team. Other engineers will be aware of the class name, and don't remove them when refactoring the page.

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