Increase or decrease CSS values with Chrome DevTools

There are some CSS properties whose values contain numbers, such as `height`, `font-size`, `margin`, `padding`, `width`, etc. Rather than changing the value manually, we can quickly increase or decrease the value by using one of the following key combinations:
Key combinations                  Value change    
<kbd></kbd>                      Increase by 1    
<kbd></kbd>                      Decrease by 1    
<kbd>alt</kbd> + <kbd></kbd>    Increase by 0.1  
<kbd>alt</kbd> + <kbd></kbd>    Decrease by 0.1  
<kbd>shift</kbd> + <kbd></kbd>  Increase by 10    
<kbd>shift</kbd> + <kbd></kbd>  Decrease by 10    
<kbd>cmd</kbd> + <kbd></kbd>    Increase by 100  
<kbd>cmd</kbd> + <kbd></kbd>    Decrease by 100  
On Windows and Linux, the <kbd>cmd</kbd> key should be replaced with the <kbd>ctrl</kbd> key.
<video loop muted controls> <source src="/img/increase-decrease-values-devtools.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video>