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Count how many times a function has been called

If you want to count how many times a function has been called, you probably think of a global variable:

let counter = 0;

const expensiveFunctionToDebug = () => {
console.log(`This function has been called: ${counter}`);

// Function body ...

We simply increase the counter by 1 and log the latest value whenever the expensiveFunctionToDebug function is invoked. console has a great method to do the same thing:

const expensiveFunctionToDebug = () => {

// Function body ...

In the Console tab of browsers, you will see something as following:

expensiveFunctionToDebug: 1
expensiveFunctionToDebug: 2
expensiveFunctionToDebug: 10

The console.count function prints the label you pass to it followed by the number of times the function is executed.

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